Yellow Fever: “This is Something I am Really Panicking About”

Angola’s yellow fever outbreak should be sounding some early alarms. There is no cure for yellow fever and the current outbreak has already exhausted the world’s strategic reserves of the vaccine. To make matters worse, the vaccine creation process is very low tech and hard to scale up.

Although Africa and South America commonly battle with the disease, Asia has never before seen a full-blown outbreak.

Another major outbreak—for instance in Asia, where yellow fever has never gained a foothold—could be impossible to control, says Jack Woodall, a retired virologist in London, formerly of the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. “I hate being alarmist,” says Woodall, who’s also a moderator at the Program for Monitoring Emerging Diseases, an online alert system for disease outbreaks. “But this is something I’m really panicking about.” – Science Magazine

Theoretically, Asia has the necessary conditions for yellow fever to thrive, making the risk of an uncontrolled global outbreak a real possibility.

Click here to read about the Memphis Yellow Fever Outbreak, listed as the ninth worst epidemic by Time magazine.

BirminghamDoctors does not recommend panicking. The purpose of this article is to simply increase awareness.

image source: history-map.com

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