Which Massage is Right for You?

Massage_fatwireMassage therapy can relax the mind and rehabilitate the body. But with many styles to choose from, it can be hard to know which form is best for you. We talked to Arnold Kelly, licensed massage therapist at UAB Spain Rehabilitation Center, to help you determine the body work that’s best for you.

Swedish Massage
Good for
: “People who are looking for general, overall relaxation will benefit from this type of massage,” Kelly says. He also recommends the style to people who are sensitive to pressure on their skin or body. “People with fibromyalgia, cancer, and high blood pressure can benefit from Swedish Massage as well, as it is the least taxing on the body.”

Deep Tissue
Good for
: If you have a specific point of pain, deep tissue might be the perfect style for you, Kelly says. “People with chronic pain, limited mobility, sports-related injuries, repetitive strain injuries, postural issues, and general muscle tension or spasms will benefit from deep tissue.”

Trigger Point
Good for
: “A ‘trigger point’ is spot in the muscle that when compressed causes pain, either on the compressed spot or elsewhere on the body,” Kelly says. “People who have chronic pain, headaches, low back pain, osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, and sciatica usually benefit from Trigger Point Therapy.”

Sports Massage
Good for
: Athletes of every kind, from weekend warriors to professionals. “Sports massage promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue, improves endurance, helps prevent injuries, and get the athlete’s mind and body ready for optimal performance.”

Chair Massage
Good for
: Someone who isn’t interested in getting a full-body massage, or even self-conscious about disrobing. The benefits of Chair Massage are as wide and varied as any other form of massage. “Getting regular chair massages at work can reduce absenteeism and employee stress; encourage relaxation and teamwork; give employees a feeling of being acknowledged and appreciated; and improve overall job satisfaction,” Kelly says.

Get a Massage at UAB
The Outpatient Physical Therapy Clinic at Spain Rehabilitation Center offers massage therapy to UAB staff, patients, and the general public. Appointments are available Monday through Friday by calling 205-975-4922.


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