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what does removing sugar from your diet really do for you?

As Americans, we all know the famed “sugar rush” and its affects. Sugar is blamed for obesity, hyperactivity, diabetes, and many other diseases. Children in America consume double or more the dietary guidelines for sugar and some say the toll is just too great.

Researchers at the University of California-San Francisco and Touro University conducted an experiment using volunteers ages 9 to 18 to see if sugar really does the damage some claim. The researchers started out putting the children on low-sugar diets and noting measurable changes.

The participants from all different back grounds underwent extensive testing. All of the children in the test were identified as obese or had at least one other metabolic health issue.

The researchers cut 10-28 percent of their total sugar intake and the results were staggering. After 10 days the researchers saw a drastic reduction in diastolic blood pressure, triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol. Even eating the same amount of calories the children lost weight, an average of 2 pounds in 10 days.

While this study is very preliminary because of the range of different persons included in the test, it does link how sugar directly affects the overall health and well being of children who consume a great amount of sugar. Researchers stated that instead of viewing sugar as empty calories, it should be viewed as something that can cause the body, especially the metabolic system, harm.

Sugar calories increase the risk for diabetes, heart, and liver disease because they turn to fat in the liver. However the Sugar Industry Association argues that the weight loss experienced by the participants could have been the factor behind the reduction in metabolic disease.


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