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The Human Hotdog Horror Special

What’s really in those hotdogs your neighbors serve at the annual Halloween cookout? About 1 billion hotdog packs are sold every year, so it is surprising that not more is known about the contents of this typical “American” food.

Clear Foods did a study of 345 hotdogs and sausages from 75 brands sold by 10 different retailers. This group used “genomic technology” to analyze the 345 hotdogs on the most basic, molecular level, ingredient by ingredient. The study found that ingredients were included in the hotdogs that were not listed on the packages.

While some off-label ingredients are allowed by the Food and Drug Administration, studies like the one conducted by Clear Foods allow consumers to make more informed decisions about which products they buy. One non-harmful contaminant included in the hotdogs is human DNA, found in 2% of the samples, and in 2/3 vegetarian samples.

A statement from a Clear Foods representative reveals that while this finding could be linked back to the staff of the hotdog company, but more investigation is being done. Another disturbing finding is that 10% of the vegetarian samples also contained meat.

This is especially troubling because meat is included in products advertised for those who abstain from eating meat for nutritional, humane, and religious regions. However, a positive outcome of this study is that there are hotdog-manufacturing companies on different scales that make quality hotdogs and are honest about the ingredients used to make them.

So in conclusion, it is important to know how your food is produced. The more ingredients in a processed food, the more cause for concern. You might want to think twice before putting that hotdog on your plate at that cookout on Saturday…Opt for candy instead. Happy Halloween!

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