Sleep through your next dental visit

Sleep Your Way through Your Next Dental Visit

Hate needles? Despise the drill? Don’t delay seeing the dentist anymore, no matter how long it’s been, says Dr. Edward Daniel. There’s a way to not feel a thing. And he means it.


If you’re afraid of the dentist, maybe it’s just time to find the right one. “Most people who fear the dentist had something go wrong at their last visit, so they’ve stayed away for years. We understand that,” says J. Edward Daniel, DMD with Daniel Family Dentistry in Birmingham.


Sweet, sweet slumber. “No one should stop seeing a dentist because they’re afraid,” says Dr. Daniel. “So many dentists will offer sedation as part of any office visit for any procedure.” He once sedated a man who knew he had such a strong gag reflex he couldn’t even get fitted for dentures while he was conscious.


What happens. “You come to the office, and we put you under for the procedure. You don’t need to see any needles or drills,” says Dr. Daniel. “You wake up and go home and just rest for the rest of the day. You get a nice night’s sleep, and the next day, you wake up without any pain. You won’t remember anything about your dental appointment.”


Once may be enough. “The funny thing is that we rarely have to sedate a patient again,” says Dr. Daniel. “When they get their dental work done under sedation, they don’t wait so long to come back, so it’s rarely an invasive procedure they need the next time. But we’ll certainly sedate again, if they request it.”


Ask about sedation. “If you’re apprehensive about seeing a dentist, call and find out if you’re a candidate for sedation,” says Dr. Daniel. Don’t hesitate to call no matter your health or dental situation. You might be surprised to find you easily qualify for sedation.


Any criteria? “Generally, most dentists will need you to come in for a consultation and exam, so we can see what you need taken care of,” says Dr. Daniel. Then for the procedure, like with any sedation, you’ll need to follow some pre- and post-op diet rules and make sure someone drives you home.


“Our goal is to make you comfortable while you’re getting your dental work done,” sums up Dr. Daniel. “If you want sedation, great. If you don’t, that’s great.”

by Jane Ehrhardt

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