Put the Hold on Holiday Stress

StressLessHolidayThe holidays are a time for cheer and celebration, but it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed. Keep your festivities merry and bright by following these quick tips from UAB Wellness Coordinator Lauren Whitt, PhD.

1. Hit the Hay. Feeling overwhelmed and stressed? Make sure you’re getting enough rest and sleep. Your body needs time to recover from demanding events, whether they are fun or stressful.

2. Voice Your Opinion. Navigating holiday plans? Whether you’re working to decide where to eat, when to hit the road to grandma’s house, or what gift to buy, be assertive versus aggressive. Share your feelings and opinions instead of becoming angry, defensive, or passive.

3. Look for the Bright Side. Focus on being upbeat, positive, and warm. Be encouraging, and create opportunities for humor. A positive outlook lowers stress for you and those around you.

4. Better Comes Before Best. We all want perfection: throwing the slam-dunk holiday party, discovering the ideal gift, and donning the most flattering festive attire. But instead of striving for perfection, whether it’s for a holiday situation or a health goal, work for progress and set realistic milestones.



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