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How to Choose the Right Cosmetic Procedure

Choosing that beautiful outcome you desire seemed so easy. But deciding which plastic surgery technique to use takes some careful thought. Your body is a priceless package, so approach cosmetic procedures with open eyes and sharp questions.


Fad or Fact. We all want a miracle, but beware. “They come and go, and they keep coming and they keep going,” says Dr. Peter Van Hoy, a leading plastic surgeon in Birmingham for 28 years who practices at Premier Plastic Surgery Center. “Resist the urge to immediately embrace the latest and greatest product, because people find out later that most of them don’t work,” he warns. “And it can take at least a year for that information to surface.” He points to the examples of RF (radio frequency) facelifts, thread facelifts, and drugs that claim to dissolve fat.


Use your common sense. Sometimes it’s not the procedure that’s creating those fabulous results. If a weight loss process says it involves injections and putting you on a 600-calorie diet, “do you think it’s the expensive injection or that strict diet creating those results?” says Dr. Van Hoy.


FDA approval doesn’t mean it works. The FDA’s job is to ensure the piece of equipment used in a cosmetic surgery is safe for its intended use on your body. They do not test for or ensure whether it will really lessen the look of aging or actually reduce fat in your thighs.


Check the Board. Go to the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) or your plastic surgeon and ask for their position paper on that procedure. “ABPS studies new techniques with unbiased observers, so you can verify whether a procedure worked or not,” says Dr. Van Hoy.


“If it’s new, it doesn’t mean it’s bad. But I would be very reluctant to do anything that was not out a year or two and not reviewed in a medical journal,” sums up Dr. Van Hoy. “Not because something terrible might happen to you, but because you’re going to waste your money.”

by Jane Ehrhardt


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Professionally Pearly Whites for the New Year

Professionally Pearly Whites for the New Year

Treat Your Smile to a Deep Bleaching Like No Other

It cannot be denied that an extra bling in your smile makes people notice you. So as you kick off your New Year’s resolutions, you might consider adding this unique teeth whitening to your list and put some punch in your pearlies.


Not found at every dentist’s fingertips. In Birmingham, you can find this unusually powerful teeth whitening option at Greystone Smile Design. “Like most dentists, we’ve been frustrated at not getting the whitening results our patients want,” says Dr. Trenton Buchanan. “But the Kor Deep Bleaching system solves all our concerns.”


Whitens even tetracycline-stained teeth. “Everyone tells these patients that whitening can’t be done, and they’ll have to get veneers. But the first Deep Bleaching we did on a tetracycline patient, their teeth improved by 8 to 10 shades,” says Dr. Buchanan. Age and congenital teeth stains don’t hold any barriers to this system either.


The trays actually fit. “These are the perfect trays, and they’re what make your teeth just unbelievably white,” says Dr. Buchanan. Using highly detailed impressions, the company creates a fit so perfect to your teeth that the solution stays active at full strength for almost six hours each night. “With other trays, saliva leaks in, so you’re only getting about two to three hours of bleaching.”


No discomfort. “One of our patients recently told me that he started eating breakfast before he realized he still had his trays in,” laughs Dr. Buchanan. “It’s the superbly tight fit. It makes for a comfortable fit and keeps the solution away from your gums.”


It’s cool. Even room temperature drains the potency from a bleaching solution. At Greystone, the solution stays cold during shipping, in their office cooler, and then into your fridge. “I don’t think anybody else pays attention to this detail,” points out Dr. Buchanan. So unlike with other whitening systems, your teeth receive the full power of the 16% carbamide peroxide.


How it’s done. With Deep Bleaching, you use the trays to apply the solution every night for 2 weeks. Deeper stained teeth may require up to 8 weeks. After a final hour-long office visit, where you get 3 short treatments of a more powerful solution, you use the trays as needed for maintenance. It’s a one-time process, fit for anyone from 19 to 90, at the cost of less than one veneer.

by Jane Ehrhardt


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