New Cosmetic Eye Surgery Avoids the Fake “Round-eye” Result

New Cosmetic Eye Surgery Avoids the Fake “Round-eye” Result

Birmingham plastic surgeon devises improved blepharoplasty approach to lower eyelid surgery

You’ve looked at some celebrities after a facelift and known immediately that they’ve had something done. And that something wasn’t good. “The number one cause of people having an odd appearance after facial aesthetic surgery is due to the eyelid surgery,” says Grady Core, MD, with Core Plastic Surgery in Birmingham.

The traditional blepharoplasty. In the popular method of lower eyelid cosmetic surgery, called blepharoplasty, an incision is made in front of the lower eyelid and the excess skin and fat are removed to create a tighter, younger-looking eyelid. The other popular method makes an incision inside the lower lid to hide the incision better, but they still remove fat.

The round-eye effect.
“A common complication with those methods results from the eyelid being pulled down and that gives you the round-eye look,” says Dr. Core. “It’s less common with the incision from behind the lid, but it still happens because you have to go through some muscles.”

The new approach. “To avoid those problems, you make a small incision out beside the lower lid, in the corner,” explains Dr. Core, who devised this new method. “You go in without having to make an incision in the muscle, because you go in underneath it from the back of the eyelid. Just like lifting up layers in a sandwich.”

Keep the fat! “You don’t remove the fat in this method of blepharoplasty because that makes lower eyelids look older,” says Dr. Core. “Instead we re-contour the fat and that gets rid of the groove under the eyelid. Then we lift the muscle and that tightens the whole lower lid and supports the lower lid a lot better.”

Less trauma to heal.
“It’s all reshaping and re-contouring,” says Dr. Core. “It rejuvenates the lower eyelid without any incision on the front or back of the lid, which lowers the risk of the round-eye look to almost zero with this method of blepharoplasty.”

The only place to find it.
Right now, the only cosmetic surgeon to offer the Minimally Invasive Lower Eyelid Rejuvenation is Dr. Grady Core, its creator. He’s recently submitted a paper on the procedure after perfecting it for the last five years on over 50 patients.

The creator.
This is not the first minimally invasive cosmetic surgery technique Dr. Core has developed. As a co-developer of the endoscopic plastic surgery technique in 1991, Dr. Core has continued to explore and develop improved minimally invasive applications for the face, breast and abdomen.

A warning: Look twice at your plastic surgeon’s board certification.
“Just because a cosmetic surgeon is board certified doesn’t really mean they’re qualified,” explains Dr. Core. “You need to ask two more questions: ‘What are you board certified in?’ and ‘Is your board approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties?’” The name of an association can be created to sound like a medical board but it has no unbiased criteria to be met on a physician’s education or performance before being granted certification.

Dr. Grady Core is board certified with the American Board of Surgery and in plastic surgery with the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

by Jane Ehrhardt

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