Mini Face Lifts Drop the Years

Mini Face Lifts Drop the Years

With mini face lifts, everyone can see you suddenly look younger, but they can’t figure out why.

Between Botox and lasers, you might feel like you can fully restore the appearance of your youthful face. Not completely true. When it comes to the jawline and neck, you want a mini face lift.

“When extra skin starts showing in the cheek and neck area, nothing else but surgery can fix that. That’s why the mini face lift is so popular,” says Melanie Petro, MD, a cosmetic surgeon with Cosmetic Surgeons in Birmingham.

They’re just a smaller version.
Unlike in a full face lift, a mini face lift uses surgery to rejuvenate only one area of your face — your neck and jawline. “So the mini face lift makes you look instantly younger without the potentially overdramatic change of a full face lift,” says Dr. Petro.

What’s new?
“We’ve always used surgery to lift the jawline and neck area,” explains Dr. Petro. “What’s new about it is using surgery on just part of the face versus the full face lift procedure that includes brow, forehead and eyes.”

Not for everyone. Mini face lifts work best on people who need a lift and tightening in the neck and jowl line areas, and whose other age-identifying areas, like brow, mouth and eyes, are being youthfully maintained in other ways. But for many older people, the full face lift is still the best option.

Quick recovery.
“Patients are most surprised at how quickly they get better after a mini face lift,” says Dr. Petro. “Recently I had a patient who was ready for her reunion only three weeks after her surgery. She looked incredible.”

And they last. “Remember that the mini face lift is not like lasers or fillers that offer you an aesthetic improvement for only six months,” says Dr. Petro. “It’s a surgery that will last for many years. You need to take it seriously when choosing your cosmetic surgeon.”

Word of advice. “Find a cosmetic surgeon with an anesthesiologist on staff,” advises Dr. Petro. “There’s no doubt that the most competent person to be in charge of your anesthesia is a physician who’s board certified in that specialty.”

She also recommends you find a practice with operating rooms certified by a reputable third-party to meet national standards, like the AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care).

by Jane Ehrhardt

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