Lose 70 lbs or your wife dies

Birmingham, AL – For many of us, our best diet plans often slip away. Unfortunately, PJ Spraggins didn’t have that luxury.

His wife, Tracy, had struggled with Lupus since age six, and in 2013 her kidney function had dropped to below 15%. Doctors said she would need a transplant to survive, and miraculously, her husband was a perfect match.

But that is where the good news ends. PJ Spraggins had high blood pressure, and doctors said he would have to bring down his pressure before they could perform the procedure.

PJ immediately changed his diet and started working out.

His efforts paid off and he quickly lost 30 lbs.

“We firmly believe that God has his hands on us at all times and I think it’s going to be a positive outcome, I really do,” said P.J.

Hoping he had done enough, the couple went to get tested again. They were shocked to find out that his hard work wasn’t enough. Doctors said he would need to lose another 60 lbs.

“It was kind of a shot in the gut, not a shot, it was more like a punch in the gut,” Tracy said in an interview with WBRC.

2753829300000578-3027749-image-m-45_1428344044290The couple decided to continue their weight loss program together, and over the next year, they lost a combined 145 lbs.

Finally, the doctors gave him the thumbs up and they were able to undergo the transplant this past February.

The surgery was a great success and Tracy’s kidney function is the best it has ever been.

Next time you make weight loss goals, hopefully PJ and Tracy will inspire you to stick with it. Plus, you can always enjoy PJ’s jazz music during your workouts.


Interviews from WBRC and DailyMail

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  1. GOD Bless you both. A little education about foods, additives and increase of the good and exclusion of the bad can work wonders. How many husbands would do that? He’s definitely a good’un!
    Continued good health and love to you both and all yours.

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