Spine Surgery

Infant’s Head is Reattached

They call it internal decapitation. Following a severe head-on collision, sixteen-month-old Jackson Taylor’s skull broke clean from his spine. The child was incredibly fortunate that his head was not completely separated from his body, and even more miraculous was that his spinal cord was still intact!

The accident occurred in Australia when the mother of the child, Rylea Taylor, her daughter, and infant Jackson were struck head-on by teenagers who were doing donuts and burning out. The mother was driving approximately 70 miles per hour.

Rylea Taylor was mostly uninjured but her daughter suffered abdominal injuries and her infant son was in life threatening condition. She says she immediately could tell that his neck was broken. The child was quickly airlifted to Brisbane.

When Jackson Taylor arrived at the hospital, famous spinal surgeon Geoff Askin preformed the 6 hour surgery to stabilize and reattach the child’s skull.

Doctors expect the child to recover within 8 weeks! You can follow the story here. Additionally, the mother has started a petition to increase penalties for reckless driving in Australia.

Image Credit: 7 News

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