Honest Discussion: Should We Vaccinate?

sns120311a1vaccine_1053144aFrom California to the White House, America seems to be up in arms about vaccines. Many claim that parents who reject vaccines are harming the sick, while others claim that the vaccines are making us sick. Neither side seems able to concede in this discussion and even the president has felt the need to take a stance on the issue. What’s your stance?

The dissension tends to center on the topics of Thimerosal, a mercury containing preservative that was once present in large quantities in all vaccines, and in aluminum adjuvants, vaccine components that are meant to boost the immune response.

Now, both sides agree on the neurotoxicity of said components, but there are vastly differing opinions as to whether the amounts used are even dangerous.

An honest discussion is only possible after we’ve heard both sides.

Two prominent sources against Thimerosal and aluminum
A “Shot” of Truth
Vaccines and Dr. Sears

Two prominent sources that are pro-Thimerosal and aluminum
Toxic Myths About Vaccines
Sticking up for Thimerosal

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