Here are 3 Simple Ways to Save Calories Today

13933876-largeLet’s face it, it’s the holiday season. We’re struggling to pass by the bakery store displays, the bountiful party platters and the bowls of eggnog. Anywhere you can save a few hundred calories here or there is greatly appreciated, right? Well, take these tips to heart and start making deposits into your calorie bank…

Don’t eat in front of the TV: A recent study from the University of Massachusetts revealed that you’ll eat up to 288 more calories by dining in front of the TV as opposed to sitting at the dinner table.

Use smaller plates: You can trick yourself into eating smaller portions by using…smaller plates. Just don’t go back for seconds. That’s cheating.

Cut out the alcohol: Cutting alcoholic drinks out of your diet can make a big difference in your total calorie count. A glass of wine can be upwards of 160 calories, while mixed drinks can add up to over 400! That’s almost as much as a full meal.


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