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Good news for coffee drinkers!

Starbucks lovers could be enjoying more than just their latte in the morning according to the Mayo Clinic findings. Dr. Hensrud states that for some the “health benefits outweigh the risks.” When consumed in moderation and without the unhealthy additives, coffee can actually lower the risk of death due to cardiovascular disease.

Coffee was once thought to be bad for you and actually increase your chance of disease due to blocked arteries, but according to researchers at John Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, the truth is that it can actually prevent such disease. Researchers compared a various group of 25,000 people who showed no signs of heart disease and conducted CT scans to check for Coronary Artery Calcium.

The researchers compared people who drank coffee and those who did not along with their CT scans to see if coffee really did play a factor. The results were those who drank 3 to 5 cups per day showed a 40% decrease in the amount of CTC in their arteries. Good news for those who are hoping to prevent artery disease.

Those who even drank 1 to 3 cups per day showed a 35% decrease. This concludes that for the most part, coffee does help to reduce the risk of heart and heart related diseases. So next time you decide to indulge in your favorite drink you can tell yourself that you are actually doing your body a favor!

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