FDA: Nuts, Avocados, and Salmon must NOT be labeled healthy

Although federal dietary guidelines emphasize the importance of eating healthy foods (including Nuts, Avocados, and Salmon) the FDA has been preventing such food products from being labeled as “healthy”. This powerful federal agency has been operating under 20 year old nutrition science that believes that limiting certain nutrients leads to greater health – the same nutrition science that created diet soda as a “healthy” alternative.

The company currently taking the brunt of this regulatory craziness is KIND snacks. They produce fruit and nut snack bars and they had the audacity to label themselves as healthy. The FDA sent them a cease and desist letter and they replied with this thorough petition.

The FDA has agreed to revisit their definition of “healthy”. Hopefully it will reconsider foods that people normally think of as healthy, like margarine, diet sodas, and whole wheat.

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