Facial Fat Grafting Offers a Natural Alternative to Temporary Fillers

Facial Fat Grafting Offers a Natural Alternative to Temporary Fillers


Fat can be your friend when it comes to fighting certain signs of aging, like sagging cheeks and deepening lines.


You may never have thought of fat as being your friend. But when it comes to fighting aging, fat becomes your natural ally when used as a facial fat graft to restore that youthful lift and plumpness to your face.


“Most people are surprised to hear about this procedure, because they’ve only heard of temporary fillers, like Juvederm or Restylane,” says Al Cohn, MD, a plastic surgeon with Grotting & Cohn Plastic Surgery in Birmingham. ”But with facial fat grafting, you can have all that a temporary filler can give you and then some, often for less cost.”


What is it? “It’s a cosmetic surgical technique where fat is moved from one part of your body, like your tummy, and placed where we’re using temporary fillers now to fill hollows in the cheeks and under eyelids or smooth out lines that become more prominent with aging,” says Dr. Cohn.


Better than fillers. “Unlike temporary fillers, facial fat grafting is relatively permanent,” says Dr. Cohn. “And once the living fat is in place, you don’t traditionally have it repeated, unlike with fillers that dissipate in six months to a year.”


Back on your feet. Facial fat grafts do require more recovery time than fillers, though. “When fat is injected, the instrumentation is larger than with fillers, so there’s generally bruising that lasts a couple of days following this out-patient procedure,” says Dr. Cohn.


Costs less. “Two to three syringes of a temporary filler equals the entire cost of facial fat grafting, and it’s permanent,” says Dr. Cohn. With this cosmetic surgery, you’re just paying for the procedure, because everyone has enough body fat to achieve their relevant facial goals.


Choose wisely. “Get your facial fat grafting done by someone who has done a lot of them,” advises Dr. Cohn. “Performing liposuction is not the same. Just because you have removed fat from some part of your body doesn’t necessarily make it usable for a graft. Ensuring that your plastic surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is a good starting point.”


by Jane Ehrhardt


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