Electric Shock Drowning: 15 year old dies

Memorial Day is just around the corner and for many folks that means spending time at the lake. Unfortunately, there are lethal dangers that many of us are completely unaware of.

Electric Shock Drowning is when water around a dock is electrically charged and nearby swimmers are electrocuted by the AC charge. Many times swimmers are unaware of any possible danger before they enter the water, only to be electrocuted when they jump in or when they reach for the ladder to get out.

Typically, this problem arises when water finds it’s way into electrical components on the dock or somehow the wiring shorts into the water. Very little electricity is required to drown a swimmer. If you feel the water tingle, you should probably stay out until the dock is fixed.

10566279_GOne month ago Carmen Johnson died due to Electric Shock Drowning.  She was only 15.

After a few minutes, another friend jumped in. About that same time Jimmy lowered the metal ladder into the lake so the girls would have a way to climb out of the lake.

Jimmy said when the ladder hit the water, it sent an electrical current through the water. He heard Carmen’s friend scream for help. When he peered over the dock, he could see Carmen’s friend clinging to the ladder and Carmen underwater around her friend’s knees.

Jimmy said he jumped in the water to try to save the girls and that’s when he immediately felt the electric current. Before he blacked out, he yelled to his wife Casey, “Cut off the power to the boat dock.”

Carmen was a cheerleader with hopes to cheer at the University of Alabama. Her father is now raising awareness of Electric Shock Downing and promoting Dock Lifeguard, a product that warns of electrical charges in the water.

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