Don’t Hit the Mall for Your Anti-Aging Regime

Don’t Hit the Mall for Your Anti-Aging Regime

You want to fight Father Time? Then bring in the true professionals. With a dermatologist in your corner, even your make-up becomes your skin’s ally.

Sure, you know a dermatologist can help with moles and acne, but did you know they can be your best beauty consultant? “Going to a dermatologist instead of a beauty counter at a store means you get more potent procedures and physician-grade products,” says Jenny Sobera, MD, a board certified dermatologist with Village Dermatology in Birmingham. You also get skincare know-how based on years of medical school and specialized training.

The best of both worlds. When it comes to skin, “so many people are procedure-oriented and miss the boat on good skincare,” says Dr. Sobera. “Anti-aging is not just about beauty but about the health of the skin in general. You have your skin for life.”

You won’t hear this at the beauty counter.
“A good key ingredient in adulthood is vitamin C on the skin. It prevents sun damage and skin cancer,” says Dr. Sobera. “The other thing is sunscreen with zinc or titanium; they’re a physical blocker.”

Powerful stuff.
“Department stores offer really great products, but they can’t offer you physician-grade skin care, such as prescription-level retin-A,” explains Dr. Sobera. T

The same with spas. Dermatologists can offer you a higher potency in procedures like chemical peels, because they have physicians on staff. And that can mean more type of anti-aging treatment options as well, including laser hair removal, chemical peels, radio frequency skin toning, pulsed light to fight brown spots and redness, and light treatments for broken capillaries and cherry angiomas.

“But you get more flexibility and customization for your skin with us, because there’s an MD present,” emphasizes Dr. Sobera.

Why would you not go to a dermatologist for makeup?
“We use products that treat the skin rather than cover it,” says Dr. Sobera. She uses mineral make-ups at a quality not found in department stores. “The minerals are anti-inflammatory and don’t close up your pores, so they’re good for acne and also naturally sun protective without chemicals.” That means make-up made for those suffering from rosacea, sun damage, and acne. “In fact,” adds Dr. Sobera. “Higher quality companies often only sell their lines through dermatologists, so we have a lot more superior products available for you.”

by Jane Ehrhardt

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