Awilda and Dr Choi

Doctors refused to help, Dr. Choi stood up

Awilda Jones, Academic Advisor at UAB, was told there was no hope for her eyesight. She was born with a cataract in her right eye and has suffered from poor vision her whole life.

Where there is no vision, people perish

She remembers how it affected her socially while in high school and the frustration when doctors said they were unable to help. She had lost all hope that she would ever be able to see from her right eye.

Thankfully, she met Dr. Choi.

When Awilda Jones entered the waiting room , she noticed “Where there is no vision, people perish”.

She asked Dr. Choi if he believed what was written on the wall, and he said emphatically, “One hundred percent!”

After discussing options with Dr. Choi, Awilda Jones, for the first time ever, felt like someone had faith that her vision could be restored.

“Dr. Choi also prayed before my surgery and I was once more amazed. I realized it wasn’t a matter of chance but divine providence that I was in his hands.”

Awilda Jones’ vision has been restored. She is now able to read out of her right eye with the help of glasses and she refers to the surgery as “life changing”.

“I would recommend inVision and Dr. Choi to anyone. The staff has been genuine and helpful every time I was at the office. Most importantly I have somebody who didn’t give up on me and I am forever thankful

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