Dieting? Here are 3 diets to avoid…

istock_000004574943small-3e59145378d6fae0559a219670cf90e9ef3c3a7b-s6-c30Yesterday’s visitors to The Heart Beat learned about the so-called “Cotton Ball Diet,” one of the more recent and dangerous fad weight-loss schemes in recent memory. Of course, the most effective and sustainable way of losing weight is to simply eat healthier foods and get more exercise.

But, just in case you’re curious as to what NOT to do…here are some diet don’ts that you need to be aware of…

Cotton Ball Diet: As previously mentioned, the Cotton Ball Diet is a real thing that people are doing in an effort to lose weight. The idea is that you dip cotton balls in juice and eat them before meals in order to feel full faster. This, of course, is a ridiculous idea…but moreover, it is a dangerous idea. Cotton does not digest, but it does have a tendency to create stationary masses in your intestines that may have to be surgically removed.

The Cabbage Soup Diet: We could have also said “The Watermelon Diet”…same difference. Cabbage has very few calories – just 6 per leaf, actually – so people are substituting meals with bowls full of nothing but this leafy veggie and some broth. According to the folks at WebMD, the amount of calories consumed in the plan is so low that it is actually dangerous to your health. Also, who could stand to eat nothing but cabbage…all day, every day!? Variety is the spice of life, folks.

 The Tapeworm Diet: We debated even mentioning this one. Some people are buying tapeworms – parasitic worms that live in your intestines and can grow to incredible lengths– off the internet and swallowing them, hoping they will take root in their bowels and eat up all their unhealthy fat and calories. Don’t believe us? Click that link at the beginning of the paragraph and see for yourself.

Now, it should go without saying that tapeworms are tremendously bad for you. The idea of having one living inside you – voluntarily, no less – gives us serious goosebumps. Better to just eat healthy foods and get some exercise, right? Right.


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