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CDC ranks Alabama among lowest states for hospital infections

Article 1Alabama Department of Public Health officials say a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranks Alabama as one of the two top-performing states in terms of low infection rates among hospitals.

Officials say the report, which uses 2012 data, shows patients in Alabama hospitals had lower infection rates than the national average in three of four categories. The CDC claims Alabama outperformed the national baseline in terms of catheter-associated urinary tract infections as well as in site infections from colon surgery and abdominal hysterectomies. The only category in which the state did not outdo the national average was in central line-associated bloodstream infections.

“The CDC’s report underscores what we’ve already identified in our state, which is significant progress in infection prevention,” State Health Officer Donald Williamson said in a statement Wednesday. “Our department began providing a state level report on hospital infection rates in 2011, and while our report was slightly different than the federal report in terms of the units reported, we looked at the same infection categories.”

L. Keith Granger, CEO of Trinity Medical Center in Birmingham and chairman of the Alabama Hospital Association’s Quality Task Force, said his department has worked with the state’s largest insurer and an automated infection surveillance product to give hospitals real time data to prevent infections.

By: Jonathan Grass

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