Breaking: Researchers Make Stunning Discovery on Aging

Researchers have recently published the findings of a 12 year study on aging. Scientists from New Zealand followed 954 individuals from age 26 to 38 and measured their biological and perceived aging. Their findings were extraordinary.

Some of the test members had experienced little to no biological aging over 12 years!

The most effective means to reduce disease burden and control costs is to delay this progression by extending healthspan, years of life lived free of disease and disability.

From both a biological and aesthetic perspective, some test members barely aged, while others aged 3 years for every one chronological year. Biological age was determined using 18 biomarkers (including DNA degradation) .

Biological age was also shown to be related to health effects typically associated with old age:  lower cognitive functioning, reduced motor ability, and even weaker grip strength.

This research opens the door for new studies that could dynamically change our concepts on health.

Understanding the factors that minimize aging during our younger years will allow us to live healthier lives for a longer time and perhaps drastically extend our lifespans.

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