Birmingham Heart Walk is three months away

westinjpg-58d048fd53310d65The Birmingham Heart Walk is on the horizon.

Last June, more than 4,000 walkers and runners packed into Linn Park on what seemed to be the hottest day we’ve suffered through since the Mesozoic Era. Triple-digit temperatures aside, the event was undeniably successful, setting the stage for an even bigger celebration this year.

And while we can’t promise with certainly that the weather will precisely match our standard of optimal comfort, we can say that the 2013 Birmingham Heart Walk will be a truly groundbreaking, unique event, the likes of which has never occurred before in Birmingham.

Today, the countdown officially begins. Here’s what you need to know, three months out:

The date is set

This year’s Birmingham Heart Walk will take place on Saturday, June 22, which is eight days earlier than last year. Festivities will be underway in earnest at 8 a.m., followed by the walk/run at 9 a.m.

The venue is different

The 2013 Birmingham Heart Walk is launching from Uptown Birmingham, the new entertainment district adjacent to the BJCC and anchored by the Westin Hotel. It will be the first major event of its kind to take place at the new development and will add excitement and countless new amenities to the Heart Walk experience.

The walk is also for runners

The Birmingham Heart Walk could easily be referred to as the Birmingham Heart Run, depending on how hard you wish for your feet to smack the pavement. There is both a one mile walk and a 5K run.

We have timing clocks and all that jazz on site, so come set a PR with us.

Registration is open and free, but you can totally fundraise for us

Log on to BirminghamHeartWalk.org to register as a single participant or to build a team of walkers from your Rolodex of friends, family and colleagues. There’s no charge to participate, but many of those teams do set fundraising goals. It is not required that your team fundraise, but it is a nice thing to do for your heart and the hearts of others.


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