Alabama Man Loses Over 250 Pounds at Zaxby’s

John “Tiny” Likely was always large. At the age of 8, he was no longer able to play pee-wee football because he weighed more than 200 pounds. He steadily gained weight until he was wearing 8XL shirts, and industrial scales weighed him in at over 500 pounds.

Surprisingly, everything changed when he started working at (and eating at) Zaxby’s.

“Tiny” tells AL.com he still wonders how he got the job. “A 500 pound person at a fast food place is almost impossible… I couldn’t keep up.”

They gave me hope. They actually believed in me

He mentions his trouble simply standing for more than 10 minutes and his inability to fit into the team uniform.

But he didn’t give up, and neither did his boss or coworkers.

Scott Brown, who hired him, gave him a gym membership. His manager at the time became his personal trainer, and some coworkers gave him nutrition tips.

“They gave me hope. They actually believed in me.”

They even worked with his schedule so he could have multiple short shifts.

11061238_1836747816550749_8992617050896093265_n“Tiny” now walks six miles every morning and does squat drills. He  eats Zaxby’s Zalads almost every day, and has lost a staggering 250 pounds.

He has become an advocate for weight loss.

“Don’t be afraid if you can’t run a mile. Run half a mile. Or walk. I just wish someone had said to me as a child, ‘well let’s walk it together’.”

You can follow more of his weight loss on his Facebook page.


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  1. Luv u & so grateful that you have not only touched my life but many others. God is gonna open many more doors for you…

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