A Talk with Dr. Mia Cowan

A Talk with Dr. Mia Cowan

“I like to fix problems,” says Mia Cowan, MD, FACOG, MA, MBA. “I loved surgery, but I also love educating people on their health and disease prevention.”

By her third year at the Medical College of Wisconsin, she knew she had found how she could best serve patients with her trifecta of healing skills — gynecology.

Her mother, a nurse, first implanted the idea of Mia becoming a doctor by taking her along on home visits. “I remember in the seventh grade telling my mom that I wanted to be a doctor,” she says.

After her gynecological residency in Wisconsin — where she also met and married her husband — Dr. Mia Cowan returned to Birmingham and spent four years serving the indigent in Jefferson County.

Then in the fall of 2010, she stepped out on her own to open her dream practice. It revolves around making women feel both healthy and beautiful. “I want my patients to look good and feel good about themselves,” she says.

MiBella Wellness Center now includes not only her thriving gynecological practice, but a weight loss program. For this component, Dr. Cowan completed extensive training at the Center for Medical Weight Loss, which is the largest network of physicians focused on bariatric medicine in the country.

“Weight loss can be a very emotional thing, so we have a very encouraging staff,” she says. Weight problems, she says, contribute to so many chronic health conditions, like osteoarthritis, back pain, hypertension and diabetes, that it deserves special attention from physicians. “It’s something I’ve struggled with myself,” she adds.

To further fulfill MiBella Wellness’ mission of “a beautiful approach to health,” Dr. Cowan recently began offering cosmetic procedures. The first one, called Smartlipo, uses a laser to melt and destroy fat cells, which are then easily removed.

In every aspect of her practice, Dr. Cowan has instilled the call of service. “We do almost a concierge kind of service here. I even give my patients my cell phone number. But we educate them so well on any health issues that I rarely get a call,” she says. “I’ve been able to build my practice on referral alone because of our strong belief in service.”

Having attended both University of Alabama for her undergraduate and master’s degrees and Auburn University for her MBA, her allegiance to Birmingham couldn’t be stronger. She and her husband Joseph live in Hoover with their daughter Marley (named after Bob Marley). Not surprisingly, she loves Jamaica and hopes to travel more frequently soon.

by Jane Ehrhardt

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