Hummus with pita bread and vegetables

5 Ways to Slim up for Summer

Hummus with pita bread and vegetablesWarmer weather means fun in the sun wearing swimsuits and shorts, but if you need a little help getting swimsuit ready, UAB has you covered. Here are five ways to get slim at UAB.

1. Drop a dress sizeLiposonix is a new cosmetic procedure that rids the body of stubborn abdominal fat without surgery. The procedure is a one-time visit that lasts an hour and uses powerful and focused ultrasound.

2. Walk it out. Burn nearly 200 calories in 30 minutes on one of UAB’s many walking trails. Each trail varies between a half and whole mile. Walking trails at UAB Medicine are named for UAB’s core values, Academic trail names incorporate school spirit, and Highlands’ trails are named according to their shape.

3. Get on Track. Struggling to lose weight? EatRight by UAB eases clients into a proven diet and exercise regimen that is crafted to fit your specific needs. EatRight is one of the most successful diet and lifestyle programs in the country and is staffed by experienced physicians, dietitians, and exercise trainers.

4. Take a stand. UAB makes access to fresh fruits and vegetables easy for employees, patients, and students at the Farm Stand. From local strawberries to English peas, fresh lettuces, spring onions, and more, the Farm Stand provides fresh produce throughout the summer months beginning in June. Find them at multiple locations on UAB’s campus.

5. Grab a quick biteNorth Pavilion Market Place offers employees and visitors multiple healthy options every day. The menu is developed by regional and national dietitians and chefs, and then categorized into vegan, vegetarian, and wellness options. Simply to Go provides a variety of healthy meals that are pre-made for folks on the move, instead of settling for fast food. Healthy Vending machines are also stationed throughout the hospital, offering employees and visitors healthier snack options, such as energy bars, nuts, and crackers.


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