3 ways you can Go Red, literally!

14066701-smallNational Wear Red Day is just TWO weeks away.

On Friday, Feb. 7, millions of people across the nation and beyond will wear something red to help the American Heart Association raise awareness of heart disease…primarily the toll it takes on women. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, claiming roughly one American woman’s life every minute. By “going red,” you are encouraging a conversation that not only raises awareness of this pervasive health threat, but helps to inspire women to make heart-healthy lifestyle changes.

So, how can you help #BhamGoRed?

Wear something RED on Feb. 7: As mentioned, millions will be wearing red scarves, ties, shoes, shirts, blazers, etc., on Feb. 7. Many of your favorite TV news and talk show personalities will be doing so, for sure. Join them! Wear something red AND tell your friends and colleagues why you are doing it! You’re trying to raise awareness that heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, but that it can be prevented!

Turn your Facebook/Twitter profiles red: Visit this Facebook page and steal our profile and/or cover pics…then make them your own! Ask your friends to do likewise! Also, speaking of Facebook and Twitter, you can always share heart-healthy messages from the American Heart Association’s social media networks.

Turn your home and/or business red: Whether it’s replacing a porch light with a red bulb, putting a sign in the window or stringing red Christmas-style lights…do whatever it takes to let your neighbors know that it’s time to Go Red! Share your ideas on social media using the #BhamGoRed hashtag!


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